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HONOLULU Quarterly

Volume VII, No. 1, Mar. 1996

* supporting human health, animal rights, and ecology *

President's Message: Magic Bullets and Instant Everything

It all started with the Industrial Revolution and culminated with the highest rates of heart disease, cancer and obesity this planet has ever seen. Once we were able to domesticate and automate the processing of animals for food, once we developed a transportation infrastructure to ship these perishables to anyone who had the money to pay for them, once the mass media spread the glamour and phony appeal to promote whatever product had the highest profit margin-once all this was in place, anything could be sold to anybody. Big bucks were made, and still are, at stake.

Once people were exposed to items such as TV dinners and instant coffee, to slabs of animal flesh on plates that were somehow made to look very appealing, the rush was on to get any food item at my time of year. Once tastes were developed for these rich foods, the ready availability satisfied the tastes of all those who could afford them. Those who could not were given food stamps so that they, too, could partake of the 'new cuisine.

It was years before anyone made the connection between the rising rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and even many behavioral changes. Unfortunately, most people still haven't made the connection. So to 'fix" the health problems that have developed, they seek out the purveyors of "magic bullets" such as cholesterol-lowering drugs, estrogen blockers, prostate shrinkers, hypoglycemics, diet pills, calcium supplements, and faster elevators, more escalators, more cars and, therefore, more parking lots, automatic toothbrushes, the "just-add-water" instant meats,

It's no wonder that we, as a nation, are getting fatter and sicker. How much longer will it take for people to see the causal relationship?

-Ruth Heidrich

Honolulu Herbivore Happenings

Spring 1996

March 11, Monday:

Please join us for a free lecture at our monthly meeting at 7:00 PM, Ala Wai Golf Course Multi-Purpose Recreation Facility (2nd floor), 404 Kapahulu Avenue (100 yards behind Kapahulu Library). Ed Hoover, M.A., Director of Health Promotion at Castle Medical Center, will present,'The Ultimate Health Care Plan." Everyone is invited!

March 20, Wednesday:

Join us at Diem's (2633 S. King St.) at 6:00 P.M. in support of the Great American Meat-Out. Invite a meat eating friend to "kick the habit" and join you for dinner. Call Roger at 672-4207, and leave your name, phone number, and party size. Diem's all-you-can-eat vegetarian special is $8.95. 15% off regular menu for VSH card holders.

April 8, Monday:

You are invited to a free lecture at our monthly meeting at 7:00 PM, Ala Wai Golf Course Multi-Purpose Recreation Facility (2nd floor), 404 Kapahulu Avenue (100 yards behind Kapahulu Library). John McDougall, M.D., author of the McDougall Program, will speak on the topic "Vegetarian Approaches to Relieve Many Common Health Problems". Our meetings are open to the public; bring a friend to this important event!

April 17, Wednesday: With tax season over, it's time to celebrate, or sigh in relief. Join us at 6:00 P.M. at Gauranga's, 51 Coelho Way (Krishna Temple, Nuuanu). Call Roger at 672-4207, and leave your name, phone number, and party size.

May 13, Monday:

Don't miss the monthly meeting of the society, 7:00 PM, Ala Wai Golf Course Multi-Purpose Recreation Facility (2nd floor), 404 Kapahulu Avenue (100 yards behind Kapahulu Library); This is the Society's Annual Meeting. There will be no guest speaker, but board members will present reports highlighting our more important activities of the past year. As usual, the public is welcome to attend.

May 17, Friday:

Headed to Borders for that special book? Stop in first at Mocha Java (formerly Crepe Fever - Ward Center) and join us at 6:00 PM for dinner. Call Roger at 6724207, and leave your name, number, and party size.

Related Events:


Set your cable VCR to record Wednesdays from 6:15 PM to - 7:45 PM on ATTN 2 (Channel 23 Oceanic). Unfortunately ATTN 2 will not show on Chronicle Cable. The regular VSH public access TV show is scheduled for 6:30 PM but Olelo's timing is erratic . We alternate half-hour and hour shows. Watch for "Vegetarian" in your TV guide and eventually you'll see about 27 separate tapes, some locally produced by VSH, some done on the mainland.

March 20, Weds at 6:30 PM: Castle Medical Center, Kailua presents the international Vegetarian Food Fest. Here's your opportunity to *taste and see* that a vegetarian lifestyle can satisfy your palate. A guest chef will be featured, along with samples, recipes, and prizes. Fee...S10. For details, call 235-8737.

Every Sunday from 7:00-9:00 PM., K108 AM radio presents "Nutrition and You," with Terry Shintani, M.D., and triathlete Ruth Heidrich Ph.D. Call in to the show at the new number 524-1080. Events of the Vegetarian Society will be announced on the program.

On KITV-4's 5:00 PM news, Dick Allgire's Health Report often mentions vegetarian ideas, and on Thursdays, Dick presents his vegetarian recipes.

Healing Hearts, a ten week cardiac support group is facilitated by Neal Pinckney, Ph.D. New groups are planned for April. For more information call during the last week in March: 696-2428.

Low fat vegan cooking classes! From April 7 to May 26 Masa and Harriet Yafuso will conduct eight classes at the Waipahu Seventh Day Adventist Church at 94-900 Awanei St., Waipahu. All classes are on Sundays 2:00-4:00 PM. FREE! For information, call 247-5779.

Where can vegetarians from around the world meet plus have fun, learn new things, and eat great food7 Vegetarian Summerfest 1996: A World Vegetarian Congress! July 29 -

Aug. 4. Conference Center; Pitt-Johnstown, PA. We offer three registration packages:

  • * Full (July 29 - Aug. 4)
  • * Midweek (July 31 - Aug.4)
  • *Weekend (Aug. 2-4)

If you have question contact NAVS, Box 72, Dolgeville, NY 13329. Tel: (518) 568-7970


Outside of a dog, a book is man 's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read.

-Groucho Marx

Restaurant Review


This time, two slightly out of the way eateries are in our spotlight because they offer us something a little different, ono, and cheap. Can't beat that combination! First on our pursuit of healthy fare is The Big Burrito, a bright and simple spot in the Mapunapuna area. Near Puuloa andSalt Lake Blvd. at 2875 Pa'a St. in an industrial area you'll find this bright and simple spot with its claim to Vegetarian Fame; it's the Vegetarian Low fat-Heart Healthy huge burrito. A monster size spinach tortilla is stuffed to the gills with steamed vegetables, Spanish rice. whole black beans, shredded cabbage, green onions, spicy tomato~corn salsa (or mild salsa). For 54.50, it's a bargain. You can get extra veggie food as side orders. The staff are friendly and are happy to set up your burrito your way. You can choose your tortilla from a selection of spinach, whole wheat, chili pepper, white flour (but you wouldn't want this one). Boy, those green spinach and red pepper tortillas did look strange but pretty. I'll try the red pepper kind next time. By the time you read this, a new Big Burrito will be open in Kailua across the street from Liberty House in a strip shopping mall at S72 Kailua Rd. Another one is scheduled for Kahala Mall next to the California Pizza kitchen. Our next find is the Pastele Shop at 2101 N. School St. corner of Gulick. Their Vegetarian pastele looks like a tamale. The base that would be corn mesa in a tamale is made from boiled green bananas. Topped with veggies, it's wrapped in a ti leaf and steamed to perfection. Add some rice and vegetarian beans. This is something really different, and good. Give it a try. Happy eating!

-Eva Wright

VSH thank the volunteers who put in long hours for us last quarter.

Community Booth at Ala Moana, January 24th:

  • Ruth Heidrich
  • Jack Lé

Cook Healthy Fast with Dick Allgire

Squash Stew

  • 2-3 cups butternut squash, peeled and cubed
  • 1 can cannellini beans
  • 3-4 pieces okra, chopped drained & rinsed
  • 1 cup chopped cabbage
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 carrot, diced
  • 1 tomato, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 small zucchini, chopped
  • 6 cups veggie broth

Stir fry onion and garlic in a quarter cup of veggie broth 'til translucent. Add carrots, squash, zucchini, okra, cabbage, & veggie broth. Simmer 20 minutes. Add beans. Add tomato. Simmer 20 more minutes until veggies start to come apart. Salt and pepper to taste. Mash slightly with a spoon when serving to make the sauce thicker and richer.


  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 cups mustard greens, chopped
  • 2 tomatoes, chopped
  • 2 TBS, minced ginger root,
  • 4 cups cooked brown rice
  • 1 tsp. sesame oil
  • &Mac189; cup water
  • 1 cup mung bean sprouts
  • 3 TBS. soy sauce
  • 6 oz. firm tofu, cubed
  • 3 TBS. rice vinegar
  • 4 cups kale, chopped

In a large wok or skillet over medium high, saute garlic and ginger in oil until softened, about 3 minutes. Add soy sauce vinegar, water, and tofu. Stir fry for 3 minutes. Add kale, mustard greens, and tomatoes, cover and cook stirring occasionally for 10 minutes, until greens have wilted. Serve over rice with sprouts.

Here is a great way to make "French Fries" that aren't drenched in fat and loaded with salt. The spices give great flavor without a blast of sodium. They're really good.

Roasted Cajun Potatoes

  • 1 Ib potatoes
  • &Mac189; tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp. paprika
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped fresh parsley
  • &Mac189; tsp onion powder
  • 1/4 tsp ground red pepper (or to taste)
  • &Mac189; tsp dried thyme leaves
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • canola oil (or olive oil) spray

Preheat Oven to 400 F. Peel potatoes (or leave the skins on Like I do--fiber!). Cut each potato lengthwise into 8 wedges. Toss potatoes with parsley, oil, garlic and onion powder, ground red pepper, thyme and black pepper until evenly coated. (I did it in a large zip lock baggie) Put on an ungreased non stick pan. Bake 50 minutes, turning halfway through cooking time. Serve immediately. Garnish, if desired. Makes 4 servings.

Squash Kale-stir Potatoes
% of Calories from:
Carbohydrate 80 64 90
Fat 4 17 1
Protein 16 19 9
Cholesterol 0 0 0

Nutrient - Percent of (Recommended Daily Allowance per Calorie)

(%) (%) (%)
Calcium 176 190 42
Fiber 429 278 224
Folate 1040 371 156
Iron 219 313 229
Magnesium 465 365 207
Potassium 601 245 434
Phosphorus 264 256 150
Riboflavin 114 137 59
Thiamin 385 219 201
Vitamin A 2465 871 51
Vitamin B12 0 0 0
Vitamin B6 321 225 430
Vitamin E 175 956 15
Vitamin C 1039 846 488
Zinc 117 121 60

"If every food eaten in a day provides at least 100% of the RDA per Calorie for each nutrient, then the day's nutrient requirements are met automatically."

Carol Gronseth (our Publicity Director) is looking for assistants to help distribute our green membership application forms to various locations on Oahu. If you live in Haleiwa, Aiea or Kailua, we need people who frequently visit the natural food stores in those areas. In the Honolulu area, we are looking for people who shop and/or eat at Broke the Mouth, Down to Earth, Huckleberry Farms or Mocha Java. We will give you a large supply of our flyers, and you just need to refill our holder every week or two, depending on the location. Call Carol at 595-6840 if you can help!

Wanted: Board Secretary, duties include taking minutes at Board and other meetings. Shorthand & spelling optional (we have spell-checkers). Pay: sitting in on some very interesting discussions. Apply at once.

Wanted: Volunteer Coordinator: duties consist of rounding up willing people to do health fairs, talks to groups, miscellaneous support activities. Pay: the opportunity to place people in interesting positions.

11/11/95 The Race for Life (in Hawaii Kai), organized by prez Ruth Heidrich attracted 232 participants. VSH received a $1000 donation from the proceeds. 11/23/95 Ruth was featured also in a Star-Bulletin article "Running for Her Life". Among other things she explained the VSH position that osteoporosis is less a calcium deficiency syndrome than a dietary (animal) protein overload condition. A recent article in Am J Clin Nutr 1996;63:72-9 confirmed the value of weight hearing exercise in the prevention of osteoporosis but failed to find any protective effects from milk drinking in 25 mother-daughter pairs.

12/20/95 Peter Burwash, who gave the proceeds from his Ala Moana Hotel lecture on 1215/95 to VSH, was featured in a center spread article in MidWeek "Serving for Life."

12/21/95 Paul Wenner, CEO of Wholesome & Hearty Foods and developer of the Gardenburger announced the "One percent for Health Foundation" which will solicit other health minded companies to donate a percentage of profits to media efforts supporting a plant-based diet, regular exercise, and preserving the health and integrity of our planet.

12/26/95. St. Nick arrived a day late for VSH but arrive he did in the form of a check for $1000 from Nalith (Nature-Life-Truth-Health) a non-profit foundation in Miami promoting vegetarianism.

1/23/96 Karl Seff nudged the Hawaii Electric Co. to include "Vegetarian Couscous Paella" in the recipe section of Consumer Lines, sent with every HECO bill. "In the future we will try to feature recipes lower in fat and cholesterol," said administrator Patricia J. Rea, responding to Karl's comments on some of the previous meat-based recipes.

1/24 Ruth and members of VSH were featured in the Star-Bulletin Checkup on Health by Wesley Young, M.D. headlined: "Facts Support Vegetarianism."

1/24/96 Advertiser food Editor Joan Clarke featured "Vegging Out," an article on where to get or how to make meatless burgers.

2/96 Some brave soul at the Hawaii Department of Health has written up a brochure "Alternatives to Household Hazardous Products" which lists common commercial detergents, floor polishers, laundry products, metal polishers, insecticides, etc., along with their toxic properties and alternative solutions to their use. For copies call DOH at 586-4337.

2/19/96 Prez Ruth Heidrich set an unofficial age group record in the Great Aloha Run and then was named Senior Athlete of the Year by the Honolulu Quarterback Club.

The National Scene

12/9/95 Science News, Vol. 148: "It sounds like a plot-a vegetarian conspiracy against I carnivorous, burger -Chomping public: vegetables contain another class of disease-fighting nutrients. Saponins are ...sugars hooked up to alkaloid, steroid, a triterpene compounds. Tomatoes and potatoes contain these compounds which ...may help tbs body protect itself against cancer and which serve as natural antibiotics."

I/2/96-The Federal government released its new "Dietary Guidelines for Americans." Science News (11/6/96 p6.) noted that the new guidelines tacitly endorse vegetarian diets for the first time. A PCRM spokesman added, "For the first time an agency which historically has been very biased toward the meat industry, has acknowledged that vegetarian diets are healthful."

1/5/96 Muppets devour Spam in court case. NEW YORK - Sp'am can keep his part in the new movie Muppet Treasure Island. Spa'am is the high priest of a group of wild boars. They worship Miss Piggy as their Queen Boom Sha-Ka-La-Ka-La.. Hormel, the maker of Spam, said the "grotesque, untidy" character will "inspire negative and unsavory associations" with America's favorite canned luncheon meat." The use of the name "is simply another in a long line of Muppet lampoons," ruled the court.

Last October, McDonald's threatened a lawsuit against Vegan Action (a grass-roots vegan educational organization out of Berkeley. Ca.) if they did not stop selling their "McVegan T-shirts. But on 1/16/96, after drawing criticism fromnumerous quarters McDonald's dropped the suit. A news conference and victory party was held January 17th at Smart Alec's Healthy Fast Food Restaurant, in Berkeley and congratulations were forthcoming from England: "Now we need a full victory in London (referring to the Mclibel trial) and it will he the start of a good year. Yours for a vegetarian world. Maxwell G. Lee President of the International Vegan Union."

Meanwhile Kevin Pickard of the Toronto Vegetarian Society, unearthed the ingredients for McDonald's French fries: "Potatoes, beef tallow, vegetable oil, may contain dextrose and sodium acid pyrophosphate."

1/96 Health News reports that 5% of UC Berkeley students are now vegan and another 15% say they are vegetarian. According to the Vegetarian Resource Group (410- 366-VEGE) about forty colleges Nationwide are following the trend.

EarthSave reports the USDA plans to buy up one million pounds of beef at a cost of $1.5 billion far the national school lunch program and other feeding schemes. Ag secretary Dan Glickman announced the USDA was prepared to buy up to $20 million of beef to prop up depressed prices paid to ranchers and slaughterhouses. By all means, let's not let something as simple as free market forces determine how much beef is produced.

2/96 Signs of the Times: The Dean Omish "Simple Choices, Powerful Changes" 4-tape audio program, which prescribes a vegetarian diet and exercise as the correct treatment for coronary heart disease is now in the Sharper Image catalogue.


IF- you believe the ideal diet for children (and adults) consists of whole grains, colorful fresh plant foods, is devoid of meat, dairy products and excessive fat,

IF-you have a passion for the welfare of our innocent future citizens, and care what they're fed at school (and home) and taught about nutrition,

IF-you believe in accomplishing positive change through the use of peaceful diplomacy, mutual respect and the sharing of information,

HERE'S AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO PARTICIPATE in supporting innovations in the schools which will eventually have major impact on every one of us, and the fate of our precious home, Earth.. Review your priorities and see if you might want to create a little time in your busy schedule to join us in this important work on the SCHOOL LUNCH LIAISON COMMITTEE.

It especially would be of great help to have those of you with school age children or who work in some setting where you can affect decisions about them. We also need a computer or access to one.

We are fortunate the seeds have already been planted. Eliot Rosen introduced a bill several years ago in the State Senate for a second choice vegetarian lunch option in the public schools. The bill was approved but not funded. Many of us testified and/or had dialogue at that time with Eugene Kaneshiro, State Department of Education School Food Services Director, and other D.O.E. Personnel seeking avenues for such a change.

Dr. William Harris has been carrying the ball since, maintaining an open channel of mutual respect and shared information with Mr. .Kaneshiro. This is in addition to being editor of this newsletter, Kaiser emergency physician, creator of the "veg" series on cable T.V., author, etc.

Because of all the prior work of Dr. Harris, V.S.H. founders and Board members, past and present, and pioneers in the medical community--

Because of me courage of a very positive and committed food service manager, the blessings of Mr. Kaneshiro, a committee of dedicated parents, students, and staff and much printed material from mainland successes- I have had good fortune facilitating the creation of a pilot vegetarian lunch option in an Oahu public elementary school. The once-a-week plant-based option starts March 1, 19%, which, as it turns out, is National Pig Day!!l

1 also feel excited about being asked by the Board to be the V.S.H. School Lunch Liaison. It's "chicken-skin" stuff accomplishing our dreams but also lots of work. The initiatives started at this pilot school will be shared with Mr. Kaneshiro for use at the state level.

Because he shares our vision for a healthy choice option in all statewide schools, and because of improvements taking place nationally in how school menus are planned, Mr. Kaneshiro welcomes an organized, informed, and mutually respectful liaison with the V.S.H., an exchange of information and mutual brainstorming..

We are fortunate to have a large network of very expert consultants. What we need now are active participants in this exciting labor of love.

If you are interested, please call me: Cheryl Chung 235-5132.

The Central Oahu Branch of VSH

Our first monthly meeting on Jan. 15 was a hit. The Central Oahu Branch (Mililani) of the Vegetarian Society of Honolulu had a VERY successful first meeting! A minimum of 160 people attended-perhaps up to 170!

Dr. Terry Shintani attracted a huge crowd, one not normally in attendance at the Downtown VSH meetings. Some of the Downtown regulars showed up--however. many people showing up in Mililani were people who did not normally attend our Downtown VSH meetings.

(The typical reasons being difficulty of driving to our regular meetings from Central Oahu as well as difficulty finding our Ala Wai meeting site.) The sheer number of people in attendance as well as the enthusiasm was incredible! Now what the Central Oahu Branch needs is more volunteers. With the aid of survey of attendees, they may find the help needed to capitalize on this very successful initial meeting!

Thanks to all of you who came, We hope you will return and join us in other events. Please feel free to bring your friends to any meetings and events. We have an exciting upcoming schedule and look forward to a full parking lot each month. Keep a lookout for ideas for outings and share them at our monthly meetings. Also, if you have suggested topics, speakers or interests, please make them known. Remember - this is your organization.

-Joyce Roessler

Upcoming Events:(most at Christ Lutheran Church, across from The Yum-Yum Tree in Mililani.

Feb. 19 - Flo Stanley - "Herbs in Cooking and How to Grow Them"

Mar. 2-POTLUCK-6 PM. **Call 623-0382 & leave name so we know how many to set up for.

Bring a dish with no meat, fish, or fowl and a card with written recipe.

Mar. 18 - Allen Titchenal - "Calcium & the Vegetarian Diet."

Apr. 15 - Ruth Heidrich - "The Fit and Healthy Vegetarian"

Apr. 27 - Meet for dinner at Thai Kitchen restaurant. 94-300 Farrington Hwy., Waipahu - call 623-0382 by 4/20 and leave name & how many are coming.

May 20 - Sue Uehara - "Cooking With Tofu"

For upcoming events and questions call 623-0382 and leave your name and number and someone will get hack to you.

Help needed--

Secretary to take simple notes of meetings. Set up for meetings. Treasurer to keep track of expenses. Parking helper to set out cones.

Vegetarians of Kauai

...has now had four meetings with a monthly turnout of 40. They'll meet again Sunday, March 3 at the Kapa'a Neighborhood Center to see the video "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins. For details call Frank or Georgiana Burt at (808) 826-5120, PO Box 381 Hanalei, HI 96714.

Meet the Members "Before you eat anything, think of where it comes from," says Patrick Moore. He's been aware of vegetarianism about 14 years since the days when John McDougall, M.D. was broadcasting a weekly show on KGU. "I called him up and asked the big question. I was eating rice and salad and broccoli and wondering where I'd ever get enough protein." John took the next twenty minutes to explain that rice and broccoli and salad have plenty of protein, thank you very much, and that whole-food vegans never need worry about protein deficiency. Pat made the big switch but there were backsliding times too, until VSH started up in 1990. Pat was one of the first members and since then he's stayed on the vegan path.

He's also been a big help to VSH, starting with a stint working in the very rustic VSH office before computers came in, and progressing through testimony at the state legislature for the vegan school lunch option in 1991, and helping to distribute petitions against the infamous1994 SB 2010 which appropriated $500.000 in taxpayers' funds to build a slaughterhouse on Molokai. Presently Pat, who worked in the DOE's TV studio for two years, is assisting in the VSH project to videotape all of our monthly speakers and play the lectures on Olelo.

Pat grew up in West Virginia, the Midwest, and California, moving out here in 1967 to surf. But after twenty years he gave it up because of the crowds and because "the kids think getting every wave is like life or death." Since then he's been into long distance running with "less than 20 triathlons" (including one second place) under his belt. There are times when the surf still looks inviting though, and he can see the waves from his construction site on Waialae Iki.

"When I was a little kid in West Virginia. I had to help my mother slaughter the chickens. I'd hold them and she'd cut off their heads. Then they'd run around with their heads off. My poor mother finally had her gallbladder out after eating all that cholesterol." Mom and Dad are still living end eating about the same as before but Pat's approach to chickens has changed radically: he now has three of them as pets.

"Chickens are really smart," says Pat. "They've got this brain about the size of a pea but they get more bang for the buck than most people. They're tame and they love to be petted. They've got a routine. Up in the morning, cross the street, and then they eat all the bugs in the neighbors' yards." Home to bed at night; they have to fly up on their unclipped wings about five feet to get into their cage which is out of range for marauding dogs. It's a pretty good life for chickens compared to the millions on the mainland crammed into battery cages.

"I like to see people get their just rewards," says Pat, "but how can they survive on the blood of all those dead animals? You reap what you sow, and I think there really is karma."

-Bill Harris, M.D.

Vegan in Viet Nam

Thirty years after serving in a country tom by war, I planned a return trip to Viet Nam. Hepatitis B vaccination done, diarrhea and dysentery medicines packed, Beano, in hand (it's a long flight), I thought I was well prepared.

After two years learning to perfect a low-fat Vegan lifestyle in Hawaii, I was going to a country where folks would be happy to have a bit more fat or meat in their diet if thy could afford it. Would I be able to maintain my 10% fat, vegetarian diet while traveling?

Happily, it was not only easy, but it was an exciting adventure. Flying on China Airlines, I was given a choice of nine different vegetarian meal options. I chose a "strict vegetarian" and was pleasantly surprised with delicious low-fat vegan meals. A small container of margarine was included on the tray, but the salad dressing was balsamic vinegar instead of the usual oil dressing.

Arriving in Saigon, I stayed with a friend's family. While none in home were vegetarian, they served all the dishes without meat, egg or dairy to me. Their meals were mainly green and root vegetables with a small amount of meat used flavoring.

Finding vegetarian restaurants is not difficult; the easiest way to find is to ask at a Buddhist temple. Often them is one nearby or operated by temple members. To tell someone you're vegetarian just say "toi anh chay." (Toy aahn chai).

In Hue, the ancient imperial capitol, we found the vegetarian bargain of the century. Ten courses of vegetables, mushrooms of every variety, braised, marinated tofu, seitan (gluten) dishes that looked and tasted like sausage, ham and Peking duck, herbal tea, and fruit all for less than two US dollars.

Taking a day-long hip down the Perfume River to the Emperors' tombs, simply asking for vegetarian, got us a variety of scrumptious dishes prepared on the boat. Asking for it to be prepared without oil got a few curious glances, but the results were as close to fat free as possible.

Because Buddhism is highly respected and the monks are strict vegetarians, requesting vegetarian meals is met with admiration and approval almost everywhere.

In Hanoi the choices were less varied, but one Buddhist temple is happy to serve their usual vegetarian meal to foreigners. They don't charge for them, but will accept donations. Ha Long Bay, a five hour drive from Hanoi, is one of the most beautiful vistas on earth. 3,000 rock islands jut up from the misty bay, reminding one of ancient Chinese landscape scrolls. A two day tour from Hanoi, including hotel, four delicious vegan meals, ten hours of mini-bus transportation and eight hours of boat sightseeing, cost $23.

After over two weeks on Viet Nam, I stayed four days in Taipei. While much more expensive, Taiwan's capital offers a wide choice of vegetarian restaurants with most of the selections vegan. At one point, in a place where no vegetarian restaurants were indicated, I asked at a Buddhist temple and was taken to a nearby newly opened delight.

All the food was beautifully laid out and one takes as much as one wants of each dish. The plate is weighed to determine the price. A huge plate, packed with an amazing variety of fat-free vegan delights plus unlimited brown or white rice cost me NT$104 (US $3.82).

All this without a single tummy-ache diarrhea, or discomfort. Travel vegan and low-fat and enjoy it all.

-Neal Pinckney, Ph.D.

Animal Rights Hawaii

Punahou, Mililani, and Kamehameha schools now have active Animal Rights groups formed.

ARH was instrumental in stopping a slaughter of semi-tame pig at Schofield Barracks and is presently trying to head off the destruction of wild goats on Kauai and 600 axis deer at Kalaupapa (Molokai). The Humane Society of the United States lent a hand by sending National Parks personnel updated literature on immuno-sterilization. Immuno-contraception and sterilization will almost certainly be the solution to most animal over-population problems and, unlike current lethal animal control measures, harmless and effective.

1/26/96-The USDA has recently approved a pilot project for chemically de-hairing cattle prior to slaughter. Tbs ostensible reason is to get rid of hair, mud and manure to prevent bacterial contamination of "food". There are no failsafe methods to guarantee that no conscious animal is moved into the spray and that no animal regains consciousness at any time during this procedure which will be tested in Colorado by Monfort Inc., the slaughtering division of ConAgra. Please contact Philip B. Fletcher, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer ConAgra, Inc. One ConAgra Dr. Omaha, NE 68102-5001, phone: 402-595-4000 FAX: 402- 595-4714.

ARH and HSUS, the Humane Society of the U.S., campaigned again against continued subsidies for the mink industry (~$2 million/year) and were pleased when the subsidies were voted down by an amendment to H.R. 1976, the Agricultural Appropriations Bill. Senators lnouye and Akaka voted for the amendment and the rest of congress agreed. Since 1989 the federal government has given ~$13 million to the Mink Export Development Council for fashion shows, advertising and export promotions. The number of mink farms in the U.S. has declined from 940 in 1989 to 457 in 1994 and in the words of one Wisconsin mink rancher:" the mink industry is pretty much dead in the U.S."

Elephant Attack Cases, zoos and circuses 1985-1995: Fatalities 23, Injuries 56. (extracted from data in Animals Agenda Vol 15, no.4 1995). In spite of these figures the Honolulu City Council fails to move in favor of the "Tyke" Bill proposed by Councilman John Henry Felix (547-7003) which would ban exotic performing animals on C+C premises. Barnum and Bailey sent out a rep on 1/31/96 to throw cold water on the bill and apparently his testimony carried the day. OK, folks, let's just wait until another Tyke shows up and this time kills a few spectators at the Blaisdell Center. In 1971 a lady parked her baby under a palm tree in Kapiolani Park and (guess what?) a coconut fell and killed it. She sued C+C and collected a million bucks. In 1973 a Chicago man collected another $2 million after he let his non-swimming sons go into the ocean and (guess what?) they drowned. In 1993 a family collected $3 million dollars from C+C after their son dove into shallow water at Makaha and (guess what?) went quadriplegic. Let's see how long it takes for plaintiffs lawyers to find the "deep pocket" when C+C is really and actually at fault for allowing another elephant attack on government property! Council members still voting against the bill: Bainum 247-7004 and Mansho 547-7001. We would appreciate letters, faxes and calls to the Council in support of Bill 3, the Tyke Bill. The Honolulu City Council tel# is: 808-547-7000 FAX: 808-523-4220 address: 530 S. King St. Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813. Mahalo nui loa!

The number of animals used in scientific research has dropped by about half since 1968, says Andrew Rowan, a scientist at the Center for Animals and Public Policy at Tufts University.

The World Congress for Animals will be held June 18-24, 1996 in Washington D.C. For information contact: The National Alliance for Animals, PO Box 77196, Washington, DC 20013-1196. Phone (703)- 810-1085.

From the Internet

The Net is a hotbed of vegetarian, vegan, and animal rights activists making an end run around the commercial media's brownout an these revolutionary subjects. With the departure of VSH intemet wizard Allen Schubert, who has been transferred to the East coast, our contacts may drop off a bit but here's some of the stuff Alien pulled off the net before he left:

"So far there has been great interest in the Vegetarian Hawaii e-mail list. I count about 19 people who have expressed interest. This is a very, very good start!" If you really want an e-mail list for Vegetarians (and those who are interested) in Hawaii, then e-mail: This list is maintained by Maynard S. Clark, Vegetarian Resource Center. P. O. Box 38-1068, Cambridge, MA 02238-1068

Veg-Org. For vegetarians who are key decision makers in local vegetarian organizations. To subscribe, send an e-mail to: with the following in your message body: subscribe veg-org

U.S. McLibel Support Campaign. Press Office. PO Box 62 Craftsbury VT 05826-0062. Phone/Fax 802-586-9628. Email or To subscribe to the "mclibel" listserve send email to: Subscribe mclibel

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