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          The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii presents "Vegetarian," a weekly Public Access TV program. All programs air on Olelo, Cable Channel 54, and have been switched to Sunday 11 AM and for premiere of each show on Thursdays at 6-7 p.m.

Upcoming Shows from 6/18/14  to 10/19/14

(Updated 6/18/14)

 All programs were recorded and edited digitally, and will be played back from Olelo's server. Since none of them are available for sale, the only (and cheapest) way you can get the ones you may want to keep is to record all of them, and erase the ones you don't want.


06/18/14, 06/22/14, 07/06/14, 07/13/14

"Doing the Most Good and Least Harm When You Eat" - Zoe Weil


15-Jul-14, 20-Jul-14, 27-Jul-14, 03-Aug-14, 10-Aug-14, 17-Aug-14

"Sustainable Meat? Nope!" Sylvia Thompson


24-Aug-14, 07-Sep-14, 14-Sep-14

"No More Heart Attacks " Steve Blake, ScD


21-Sep-14, 28-Sep-14, 05-Oct-14, 12-Oct-14, 19-Oct-14

"Combating Common Diseases With Plants" Michael Greger, MD.


"Vegetarian" now shows on all four islands:

Kaua'i's Ho'ike Cable Channel KCTV 52, Tuesdays and Wednesdays variable times (check schedule on those days)  www.hoike.org/

Big Island's Na Leo 'O Hawai'i on Cable Channel 54, Saturdays 2-3 PM. (No website)

Maui's Akaku Tuesdays 8:00 PM and Weds 6:00 AM on Calabash Channel 52 www.akaku.org/

VSH videos can also be watched on demand at Olelo


Then scroll down to find the video you want

You can also  be a "virtual" member of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii by pointing your web browser to http://www.vsh.org/videos.htm. There you will find 125 one-hour lectures by such veggie speakers as

Dan Piraro, Brenda Davis, RD, Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Michael Gregor, M.D.,William Harris M.D., Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D., Michael Klaper, M.D., Howard Lyman, John McDougall, M.D., Milton Mills, M.D., Karl Seff, Ph.D., Peter Singer, PhD, John Westerdahl, Ph.D., and many more.

-William Harris, M.D.
VSH TV Coordinator


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