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 2024 Jill Nussinow, MS, RDN Jill Nussinow, MS, RDN -- Jazz Up Your Cooking and Boost Your Health with Herbs and Spices!
 2024 John PierreJohn Pierre -- Plant Based Motion
 2024 Tracye McQuirter, MPHTracye McQuirter, MPH -- Ageless Vegan: The Secret to Living a Long and Healthy Plant Based Life
 2024 Robby Barbaro, MPHRobby Barbaro, MPH -- Foods to Reverse Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes
 2024 Michael Greger, MDMichael Greger, MD -- How Not to Age
 2023 Dr. Douglas GrahamDr. Douglas Graham -- The Role of Diet and Exercise in Reversing Osteoporosis
 2023 JoAnn FarbJoAnn Farb -- Healthy Aging
 2023 Jane Velez-MitchellJane Velez-Mitchell -- UnchainedTV: Bursting Through The Media Blackout
 2023 Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., MDCaldwell Esselstyn Jr., MD -- The Nutritional Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease: Fact or Fiction?
 2023 Reed Mangels, PhD, RDReed Mangels, PhD, RD -- Vegan at Every Age: A Guide to Healthy Vegan Diets from Conception to Older Adulthood
 2023 Scott Harrington, DOScott Harrington, DO -- The Scoop on Poop: Unleash Your Bowel's Superpowers
 2023 Peter Rogers, MDPeter Rogers, MD -- Prostate and Breast Cancer: Lower your Risk!
 2023 Chef AJChef AJ -- Eat Up Slim Down and Get Healthy
 2023 Richard Schmidt, MDRichard Schmidt, MD -- The Power of a WFPB Diet: Gout, Fertility, and Health
 2023 Ruben J Guzman, MPH, LMPRuben J Guzman, MPH, LMP -- Increasing Life-Expectancy - Cutting-edge science revealing new strageties for nutrition and lifestyle
 2023 Joyce Tischler, JDJoyce Tischler, JD -- This Stinks! Industrial Animal Agriculture Victimizes Animals and the Planet
 2023 Persia WhitePersia White -- Being Vegan
 2022 Janice Stanger, PhDJanice Stanger, PhD -- Dangerous Misconceptions About Your Body
 2022 Dean Ornish, MDDean Ornish, PhD -- A Unifying Theory for Lifestyle Medicine
 2022 T. Colin Campbell, PhDT. Colin Campbell, PhD -- Why is Nutrition So Confusing For So Many?
 2022 Colin Zhu, DO, DipABLM, ChefColin Zhu, DO, DipABLM, Chef -- Rooted in Plants & Planet: Food & Global Sustainability
 2022 Kim Williams, MDKim Williams, MD -- Nutrition and Mortality in the Dual Pandemic
Lolita AyalaJessica Palomino
Lolita Ayala & Jessica Palomino -- Building Aloha Animal Sanctuary: How a Community Came Together to Help Farmed Animals
 2022 Neal Barnard, MD, FACCNeal Barnard, MD, FACC -- Your Body in Balance - The New Science of Foods, Hormones, and Health
 2022 James Morris HicksJames Morris Hicks -- Food. Climate. Leadership. And the Future of Humanity
 2022 John McDougall, MDJohn McDougall, MD -- Diet: The Common Denominator for Chronic Disease, Climate Change and COVID
 2022 Irminne Van Dyken, MDIrminne Van Dyken, MD -- Healthy Foods!
 2022 Ruth Heidrich, PhDRuth Heidrich, PhD -- Plant-Fueled Triathlete and Cancer Survivor
 2022 Michael Klaper, MDMichael Klaper, MD -- A Doctor's Prescription for Reversing Disease and Reducing Climate Change
 2020 Milton Mills, MDMilton Mills, MD -- Plant Fiber & the Gut Microbiome
 2020 Grace O'Neil, MD, FACEPGrace O'Neil, MD, FACEP -- COVID-19 Awareness: Masks, Aerosols and More
 2020 Suzanne FrazerSuzanne Frazer -- How to Get Plastic Out of Your Diet
 2020 Irminne Van Dyken, MDIrminne Van Dyken, MD -- Improving Healthspan: Tools to slow Down Aging
 2020 Shivam Joshi, MDShivam Joshi, MD -- Plant-Based Diets in Chronic Kidney Disease
 2020 Brooke Goldner, MDBrooke Goldner, MD -- Reversing Autoimmune Disease with Supermarket Foods
 2020 Grace Chen O'Neil, MD, FACEP,Grace Chen O'Neil, MD, FACEP, -- COVID-19 Awareness
 2020 Linda Carney, MDLinda Carney, MD -- Food, Mood, and Women's (& Men's) Health: What's the Connection?
 2020 Michael Greger, MDMichael Greger, MD -- How Not to Diet: Evidence-Based Weight Loss
 2020 Joel Kahn, MDJoel Kahn, MD -- The End of Heart Disease 2020
 2019 Laurie Marbas, MDLaurie Marbas, MD -- What Your Doctor Didn't Learn in Medical School Could Kill You
 2019 Rizwan Bukhari, MDRizwan Bukhari, MD -- Preventing Heart Disease
 2019 Sailesh Rao, PhDSailesh Rao, PhD -- How Not to Go Extinct
 2019 Liv Baker, PhDLiv Baker, PhD -- The Clear Case for Compassionate Conservation: Living in a world where all animals matter
 2019 Grace O'Neil, MDGrace O'Neil, MD -- Plant Strong: Avoid Infections with a Plant-Based Diet
 2019 Antoinette Ortiz-SharfinAntoinette Ortiz-Sharfin -- From Hunter to Gatherer: An indigenous woman's journey from omnivore to vegan activist & entrepreneur
 2019 Mic The VeganMic the Vegan -- Top Vegan Myths Debunked
 2019 Irminne Van Dyken, MDIrminne Van Dyken, MD -- How To Feed Your Cancer: Dietary Strategies to Keep Cancer at Bay
 2019 Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH, KGCSJTerry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH -- How to Live to be 120: Healthy Longevity in the 21st Century
 2018 Michael Klaper, MDMichael Klaper, MD at Vegfest Oahu -- A Doctor's Prescription for Reversing Disease and Reducing Climate Change
 2018 Michael Klaper, MDMichael Klaper, MD -- "Wake Up Doctor!" Your Patients Are Eating Themselves to Death!
 2018 John PierreJohn Pierre -- The Pillars of Health: Your Foundations for Lifelong Wellness
 2018 Milton Mills, MDMilton Mills, MD -- Meat Eating and Mind Games
 2018 Dr. Malia SmithDr. Malia Smith -- Food Sovereignty: The Power of Food
 2018 Hope BohanecHope Bohanec -- The Humane Hoax
 2018 Dean Sherzai, MD & Ayesha Sherzai, MDDean Sherzai, MD & Ayesha Sherzai, MD -- Preserving Brain Health: Impact of Nutrition on Alzheimer's
 2018 James Morris HicksJames Morris Hicks -- Food. Health. Planet. Our Future as a Species
 2018 Don Forrester, MD, FACPEDon Forrester, MD, FACPE -- Delaying Death and Avoiding Disability
 2018 Heather Joy ShenkmanHeather Joy Shenkman, MD, FACC -- The Vegan Heart Doctor's Guide to Reversing Heart Disease, Losing Weight, and Reclaiming Your Life
 2018 Laurelee BlanchardLaurelee Blanchard -- Paradise Found! - What Farm Animals Teach Us About Compassionate Living
 2018 James AspeyJames Aspey -- Almost Dying Inspired Me to become a Vegan Animal Advocate
 2018 Suzanne FrazerSuzanne Frazer -- Why I Don't Eat Fish
 2018 Irminne Van Dyken, MDIrminne Van Dyken, MD -- Inflammaging: How Inflammation Speeds Up Aging
 2018 Grace Chen O'Neil, MDGrace Chen O'Neil, MD -- Happy Gut, Happy Life
 2018 Victoria Anderson, PhDVictoria Anderson, PhD -- Why Be Vegan? What Animal Communication Research Can Tell Us
December  2017 Casey Taft, PhDCasey Taft, PhD - Navigating Life as an Animal Advocate
November  2017 John Kelly, MDJohn Kelly, MD - Are GMO Plant Foods Better than Eating Animals - Why Are We Vegetarian?
October  2017 Dr. Richard OppenlanderDr. Richard Oppenlander - Food Choice and Sustainability—Tipping Point Realities
September  2017 Janice Stanger, PhDJanice Stanger, PhD -- Dangerous Foods and Beneficial Foods Food Friends, Food Enemies
July  2017 Timaree Hagenburger, MPH, RDTimaree Hagenburger, MPH, RD -- Inspire Your Family to Love Plant-Based Whole Foods!
June  2017 Jonathan Balcombe, PhDJonathan Balcombe, PhD -- What A Fish Knows
May  2017 Michael Klaper, MDMichael Klaper, MD -- What I Wish Someone Had Told Me In Medical School About Nutrition
April  2017 Jerome KellnerJerome Kellner -- The Optimum Diet for Feeling Fantastic
March  2017 Miki Purnell, MDMiki Purnell, MD -- Daily Dose of Natural Medicine
February  2017 John KohlerJohn Kohler -- Grow and Eat Your Way to Better Health Today
January  2017 Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPHTerry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH -- Diabetes, Pain and Cancer: Get Your Health Back in 10 Days
December  2016 Irminne Van Dyken, MDIrminne Van Dyken, MD -- Immunonutrition: The Interrelatedness of Diet, Nutrition, the Immune System, the Microbiome, Telomeres, and Longevity
October  2016 Michael Greger, MDMichael Greger, MD -- How Not to Die
May  2016 Rosane Oliveira, DVM, PhDRosane Oliveira, DVM, PhD -- Stop Blaming Your Genes
September 2016 Steve Blake, ScDSteve Blake, ScD -- Neuroscience Nutrition in Parkinson's Disease
August 2016 Lani MuelrathLani Muelrath -- Rookie or Rock Star? The Five Steps to Plant-Based Nutrition
July 2016 Grace Chen, MDGrace Chen, MD -- Miracles Of A Plant-Based Diet
June 2016 Miyoko SchinnerMiyoko Schinner -- The Meaning of Food -- What It Means to Be an Eater in the 21st Century
May 2016 Dr. Rosane OliveiraDr. Rosane Oliveira -- 100 and Healthy
April 2016 Dr. Richard OppenlanderDr. Richard Oppenlander -- Comfortably Unaware: The Relationship Between Your Food And Our Future
March 2016 Jake GarvinJake Garvin -- What Diet is Best for Fitness, Health, Athletes and Running a Marathon?
February 2016 Mona Sigal MDMona Sigal, MD -- Slick Facts—Truth and Myth about Dietary Fats
January 2016 Dr. Jeni ShullJeni Shull, MD,MPH -- Neuroplasticity and the Brain-Heart Connection
December 2015 Dr. Alan GoldhamerDr. Alan Goldhamer, -- Fasting: A Modern Application of an Ancient Practice
November 2015 Antonia Demas, PhDAntonia Demas, PhD, -- Food Literacy Education: Why Our Future Depends on Understanding How Food Can Promote the Health of People and the Planet
October 2015 John McDougall, MDJohn McDougall, MD, -- Dr. McDougall's Color Picture Book: "Food Poisoning": How to Cure It by Eating Beans, Corn, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice, etc.
September 2015 William Harris, MDA Tribute and Remembrance for William Harris, MD
September 2015 Karl Seff, PhDKarl Seff, PhD,  -- Confessions of a Low Class Vegan: Three Years Later
August 2015 John Westerdahl, PhDJohn Westerdahl, PhD,  -- Vegetarian Diets: The Latest Evidence-Based Nutritional Science
July 2015 Grace Chen, MDGrace Chen, MD  -- Avoid a Trip to the ER with a Healthy Vegan Diet
June 2015 Dustin Rudolph, D. PharmDustin Rudolph, D. Pharm  -- The Secrets to an Empty Medicine Cabinet
May 2015 Irminne Van Dyken, MD Irminne Van Dyken, MD -- Ten Ways a Plant-based Diet Will Help You Avoid the Scalpel
April 2015 Will Tuttle, Ph.D Will Tuttle, PhD  -- Healing Our World:A Deeper Look at Food
March 2015 Madhava DasMadhava Das -- Rainbow in Paradise: How the Colors of the Garden Guarantee Your Health & Long Life
February 2015 Chef AJChef AJ -- Are You Ready To Go Unprocessed?
January 2015 Terry Shintani,MD,JD,MPHTerry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH  -- The Peace Diet: How to Reverse Disease in 10 Days
December 2014 Patti BreitmanPatti Breitman -- "Never Too Late to Go Vegan:"
November 2014 Anne DinshahAnn Dinshah -- "Will Veganism Bring You Health, Wealth & Wisdom?"
October 2014 T. Colin Campbell, PhDT. Colin Campbell, PhD -- "The Best Kept Secret–Ever"
September 2014 Home  Le'amohalaHome Le'amohala -- "Environmental Benefits Of a Plant-based Diet"
August 2014 Ankur Jain, M.D.Ankur Jain, M.D. -- "Veganism: What a Body Wants, What a Body Needs"
July 2014 Catherine BlakeCatherine Blake -- "Cooking for Brain Power"
June 2014 Michael Greger Michael Greger MD -- "Combating Common Diseases With Plants"
May 2014 Steve BlakeSteve Blake -- "No More Heart Attacks"
April 2014 Sylvia Thompson Sylvia Thompson --"Sustainable Meat-Nope"
March 2014 Zoe Weil Zoe Weil --"Doing the Most Good and Least Harm When You Eat"
February 2014 Brenda Davis,RD Brenda Davis, R.D. --"Plant-based Diets in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease: Recent Findings"
January 2014 John Houk, M.D. John Houk, M.D. -- "Plant-based Whole Foods: A Doctor's Journey"
December 2013 Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. Ruth Heidrich -- "Why Raw? Lessons from a Vegan Triathlete and Cancer Survivor"
November 2013 H. Lorrin Lau, MD MPH Lorrin Lau -- "The Search for Truth About Plants, Animals, and Better Human Health"
October 2013 Leslie Ashburn Leslie Ashburn -- "Compassionate Activism"
September 2013 Dr. William Harris M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Dr.Bill's Guaranteed Never Fail Weight Loss Plan
August 2013 Dr Melanie Joy Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M. -- Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism
July 2013 Janice Stanger Ph.D. Janice Stanger Ph.D. -- The Dangerous Truth about Protein
June 2013 Mary Clifton Wendt Mary Clifton Wendt MD -- How To Lose Weight Joyfully & Supercharge Your Life
May 2013 Steve Blake Sc.D. Steve Blake Sc.D. -- Arthritis: A Natural Approach
April 2013 Michael Greger Michael Greger MD -- The Role of Diet in Preventing Leading Causes of Death
March 2013 Ori Ann Li Ori Ann Li's Vegan Paradise
February 2013 Gene Baur Gene Baur -- Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food
January 2013 Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH -- The 7 Step Health Makeover: Lose Weight and Reduce Your Need for Medication
December 2012 Dr. John McDougall M.D. John Cadman -- There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
November 2012 Karl Seff Laurelee Blanchard -- Saving the World One Animal at a Time
November 2012 Dr. John McDougall M.D. John McDougall, M.D. -- The Diet Wars: The Time for Unification is Now
September 2012 Dr. William Harris M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Getting Started with a Vegan Diet
August 2012 Mark Fergusson Mark Fergusson -- Building a Business Based on a Vegetarian Mission
July 2012 Erik Marcus Erik Marcus -- The End of Factory Farming
June 2012 Robert Cohen Robert Cohen -- The NOTMILK Path to Good Health
May 2012 Jo-Anne McArthur Widening Our Circle of Compassion - Through the Eyes of Animal Rights Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur
April 2012 Michael Greger M.D. Michael Greger M.D. -- The Latest in Human Nutrition
March 2012 Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn Openshaw) Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn Openshaw) -- Ten Minutes a Day to Spectacular Health
February 2012 Catherine Blake, BA, BD Catherine Blake, BA, BD -- The Maui Light Cooking Demo: 7 Ways to Perfect Health
January 2012 Ori Ann Li Sarah Taylor -- Vegetarian to Vegan
January 2012 Ori Ann Li Anjie Pham Anjie Pham and Ori Ann Li -- 4-H "Eat Local, Eat Healthy" Vegan Cooking Workshop
December 2011 Ori Ann Li Ori Ann Li -- Vegan Holiday Treats
October 2011 Steve Blake, Sc.D. Steve Blake, Sc.D. -- A Nutritional Approach to Alzheimer's Disease
September 2011 Ori Ann Li Ori Ann Li and Xavier DuMontcel -- The Tao of Ratatouille
September 2011 Joseph Keon Ph.D. Joseph Keon -- Dairy: Essential Nutrition or Health Saboteur?
August 2011 Scott Owen Snarr Scott Owen Snarr -- You Are What You Eat: Food & Identity in the 21st Century
July 2011 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Be Your Own Nutritionist
June 2011 Janice Stanger Janice Stanger -- Ten Dangerous Nutritional Myths
May 2011 Mike Teehan Michael Teehan -- Winning a Lifetime Battle Against Obesity
April 2011 Jonathan Balcombe Jonathan Balcombe, PhD -- Why Vegan? Lessons from an Animal Scientist
March 2011 -- Loving Hut, King St., Honolulu Ori Ann Li Chef Ori Ann Li -- Traditional Asian Recipes Go Vegan
March 2011 Douglas McNish Chef Douglas McNish -- A Professional Chef's Journey To Raw Success
February 2011 Elaine French Elaine French -- Weight Loss Without Hunger: Is It Possible?
January 2011 Aaron Scheibner Aaron Scheibner -- Back to Basics: A Whole Foods Approach
December 2010 Vesanto Melina, R.D. Vesanto Melina, R.D. -- Raw Food Diets: What's True, What's Not?
November 2010 Madhava Das Madhava Das -- How the Colors of the Garden Can Save Your Life
October 2010 Susan Teton Campbell Susan Teton Campbell -- Sugar Free Desserts
September 2010 Michael Greger Michael Greger, M.D. -- The Latest in Human Nutrition 2010
August 2010 Hesh Goldstein Hesh Goldstein -- Why Vegan? How a Vegan Diet Can Save Your Health and Money
July 2010 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Health Care Reform: Emptying a Flooded Basement without Turning Off the Tap
June 2010 Rory Freedman Rory Freedman -- Get Real with Skinny Bitch Rory Freedman
May 2010 Ann Tanaka Ann Tanaka -- Urban Gardening
April 2010 Dan Piraro                                                                     Piraro Bizarro's Dan Piraro -- Comedy, Karma, and Kale
March 2010 - Maui Laurelee Blanchard & Barry Sultanoff, MD Laurelee Blanchard & Barry Sultanoff, M.D. -- Want To Be Happy? How Food Choices Matter
March 2010 Chef Paul Onishi Chef Paul Onishi -- Buyer Beware: A Cooking Demonstration and Lecture
February 2010 Dana Lyons Dana Lyons -- Cows With Guns: Vegetarian Music & Comedy

February 2010 - Castle Medical Center Auditorium, Kailua

Caroline Trapp Carolin Trapp, CNP, CDE -- A New Approach to Diet and Diabetes
January 2010 Terry Shintani, M.D. Terry Shintani, M.D. -- The Health Care Crisis Cure: How to Get Off Your Medications with Your Doctor's Help 
December 2009 Jack Norris, R.D. Jack Norris, R.D. -- Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say?  
November 2009 John McDougall, M.D. John McDougall, M.D. -- The Starch Solution & Why Salt Is a Scapegoat
October 2009 Brook & Home Brook & Home Le'amohala -- Add a Little Health to Your Holidays
October 2009 - San Francisco William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Nutrients: They're What's for Dinner
September 2009 Will Tuttle, Ph.D. Will Tuttle, Ph.D. -- The World Peace Diet
August 2009 Paulette Chandler, M.D. Paulette Chandler, M.D. -- Strong Bones for Life
July 2009 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- In Search of the Optimal Diet
June 2009 John Westerdahl, Ph.D. John Westerdahl, Ph.D. -- The Power of Plant Foods in Anti-Aging & Lifestyle Medicine
May 2009 - San Francisco William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Fine Tuning Your Vegan Diet
April 2009 Michael Greger Michael Greger, M.D. -- The Latest in Nutrition
March 2009 Gene Baur Gene Baur -- Changing Hearts & Minds about Animals & Food
February 2009 Karl Seff                                                                              Ph.D. Karl Seff, Ph.D. -- What Are We Vegetarians Actually Consuming and Avoiding and What Sense Does It Make?
January 2009 Dan Piraro Bizarro's Dan Piraro -- The Humorous Side of Vegetarianism
December 2008 Wayne Pacelle Wayne Pacelle -- Advocacy, Public Policy, and Farm Animal Welfare in the 21st Century
Fall 2008 - HSUS      Washington, DC Michael Greger,                                                                                M.D. Michael Greger, M.D. -- Pandemic Prevention: Bird Flu and Emerging Infectious Diseases
November 2008 Steve Blake, Sc.D. Steve Blake, Sc.D. -- Figuring Out Fats in Food
October 2008 Brenda Davis                                                                           R.D. Brenda Davis, R.D. -- Reclaiming Your Health: Lessons from the Marshall Islands
September 2008 Harold Bloomfield, M.D. Harold Bloomfield, M.D. -- Making Peace with Yourself, Your Family, and Your Diet
August 2008 Bruce Friedrich Bruce Friedrich -- Eating for Planetary Survival
July 2008 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Optimizing Your Vegan Diet for Better Health
June 2008 Brendan Brazier Brendan Brazier  --Thrive: Building Vitality on a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet
May 2008 Chef John Cadman Chef John Cadman  -- A Successful Vegetarian School Lunch Program: One Man's Commitment
April 2008 Chef Jennifer Flynn Chef Jennifer Flynn -- 14 Super Foods That Will Get You Glowing
March 2008 Rep. Joe Bertram Rep. Joe Bertram -- The Vegetarian Solution to Global Warming and Obesity
January 2008 Terry Shintani, M.D. Terry Shintani, M.D. -- How to Lose Up to 10 lbs. in 10 Days: And Turn Your Health Around
December 2007 Jim Mason Jim Mason, J.D. -- "The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter"
October 2007 Leslie Ashburn Chef Leslie Ashburn -- "Healthy Whole Foods in a Flash"
September 2007 Steve Blake, Sc.D. Steve Blake, Sc.D. -- "Vitamins & Minerals Demystified"
August 2007 John Kelly, M.D. John Kelly, M.D. -- "Lifestyle Medicine in the Marshall Islands"
August 2007 John Kelly, M.D. John Kelly, M.D. -- "What's New in Plant-based Nutrition?"
July 2007 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- The Raw Food Diet
June 2007 Michele Simon, J.D. Michele Simon, J.D. -- Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health
April 2007 Dan Piraro Bizarro's Dan Piraro -- Cartoons, Comedy, & Compassion
March 2007 Karl Seff, Ph.D. Karl Seff, Ph.D. -- Our Hunger for Antioxidants
February 2007 John Kristofich, M.D. John Kristofich, M.D. -- How to Stay Heart Healthy
January 2007 Chef Sylvia ThompsonChef Rebecca Woodland Chefs Sylvia Thompson & Rebecca Woodland -- The Vibrant Flavors of Living Cuisine
December 2006 Michael Greger, M.D. Michael Greger, M.D. -- Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Making
December 2006 Michael Greger, M.D. Michael Greger, M.D. -- Choosing Vegetarian: A How-To Guide for Healthier Eating
November 2006 Steven Boyan, Ph.D. Steven Boyan, Ph.D. -- How Our Food Choices Can Help Save the Environment
October 2006 Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. -- In the Raw: Practical Advice on the Raw Food Diet
October 2006 Chef Leslie Ashburn Leslie Ashburn --  Macrobiotic Holiday Cuisine
September 2006 Catherine Conway, R.D. Catherine Conway, R.D. -- Eat, Drink, & Be Merry
August 2006 Paulette Chandler, M.D. >Paulette Chandler, M.D. -- Stop Cancer Before It Starts
July 2006 Chef Mark Reinfeld Mark Reinfeld -- Eating Live: An Introduction to Live Food Cuisine
June 2006 Patrick McDonnell Patrick McDonnell -- The Creator of Mutts Talks About Becoming Vegetarian
May 2006 Chef Paul Onishi Chef Paul Onishi -- Getting Off the Fence & Making Healthy Choices
April 2006 John McDougall, M.D. John McDougall, M.D. -- Truth or Dairy
April 2006 John McDougall, M.D. John McDougall, M.D. -- Lifestyle Medicine
April 2006 Chef Jennifer Flynn Chef Jennifer Flynn -- Go Raw
March 2006 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Ask Dr. Bill
February 2006 Terry Shintani, M.D. Terry Shintani, M.D. -- How to Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease
January 2006 Gene Bauston Gene Bauston -- How Violent Food Choices Fuel a Violent World
November 2005 Milton Mills, M.D. Milton Mills, M.D. -- Treat & Cure Diabetes
November 2005 Milton Mills, M.D. Milton Mills, M.D. -- Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat?
October 2005 Brenda Davis, R.D. Brenda Davis, R.D. -- Defeating Diabetes
October 2005 Brenda Davis, R.D. Brenda Davis, R.D. -- Exploding Nutritional Myths
October 2005 Brenda Davis, R.D. Brenda Davis, R.D. -- Eating for Life: Constructing the Optimal Diet
August 2005 Rynn Berry Rynn Berry -- Famous Vegetarians: From Buddha to the Beatles
July 2005 Steve Blake, Sc.D. Steve Blake, Sc.D. -- Defensive Medicine: How to Beat the Medical System through Better Health
June 2005 Neal Pinckney, Ph.D. Neal Pinckney, Ph.D. -- Eat Your Heart Out...of Trouble
May 2005 Kerrie Saunders, Ph.D. Kerrie Saunders, Ph,D, -- Diet as Disease Prevention
April 2005 Michael Greger, M.D. Michael Greger, M,D, -- Stopping Cancer Before Its Starts
March 2005 Erik Marcus Erik Marcus -- Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money
February 2005 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Eating for a Small Planet, Thousands of Kilometres to Die (Germany), Meet Your Meat (PETA, Jimmy Galtin)
February 2005 John Kristofich, M.D. John Kristofich, M,D, -- Preventing Heart Disease
January 2005 Douglas Lisle, Ph.D. Douglas Lisle, Ph,D -- The Pleasure Trap
December 2004 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Beyond Home Economics 101: Putting Science into Nutrition
November 2004 George Eisman, R.D. George Eisman, R.D. -- Basic Nutrition: What Diet Is Right for You?
November 2004 George Eisman, R.D. George Eisman, R.D. -- What's Wrong with Atkins?
October 2004 John Westerdahl, Ph.D. John Westerdahl, Ph.D. -- Herbs and Supplements in Health and Wellness
August 2004 Kenneth Shapiro, Ph.D. Kenneth Shapiro, Ph.D. -- The Psychology of the Dinner Plate: Vegetarianism versus Carnism
July 2004 Linda Day Linda Day -- Green Cuisine: What You Eat Can Save the World
April 2004 Howard Lyman Howard Lyman -- Mad Cow Disease: What You Need to Know
March 2004 Mary Arakaki, R.D.Chef Rebecca Woodland Mary Arakaki, R.D. & Rebecca Woodland -- Eat A Rainbow Every Day
March 2004 Park Jae Oh, J.D. Park Jae Oh -- The Vegetarian Movement in Korea
January 2004 Jim Motavalli Jim Motavalli -- So, You're an Environmentalist; Why Are You Still Eating Meat?
November 2003 Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., M.D. -- Poor Nutrition: A Weapon of Mass Destruction
October 2003 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- The Raw Vegan Diet: Pros and Cons
August 2003 Wayne Pacelle Wayne Pacelle -- Fighting Animal Exploitation
July 2003 Chef Paul Onishi Paul Onishi with Vishnu Om -- Healthy Alternatives Through Soy
June 2003 Gene Bauston Gene Bauston -- The Dangers of Factory Farms
June 2003 Jodi Leslie, MPH, RD Jodi Haunani Leslie, MPH, RD -- 5-A-Day the Hawaii Way
February 2003 Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. -- Reverse Aging and Go for the Gold
January 2003 T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. -- Lessons from The China Project
November 2002 Antonia Demas, Ph.D.Kimberly D. Clark, Ph.D. Antonia Demas, Ph.D. and Kimberly Clarke, Ph.D. -- Food is Elementary & Gardens Are Elementary, Too
November 2002 Pattrice Le-Muire Jones Pattrice Le-Muire Jones -- Food Sovereignty, Environmental Justice, and the Geopolitics of Meat
August 2002 John Westerdahl, Ph.D. John Westerdahl, Ku?a devi dasi, Fat Wai, Ramdas Lamb -- Vegetarianism in World Religions
July 2002 Dick Allgire Dick Allgire -- What's Wrong With Milk?
June 2002 Bruce Friedrich Bruce Friedrich (PETA) -- Veganism: The Only Diet for a Small Planet
May 2002 Edward Fujimoto, DrPH Edward K. Fujimoto, DrPH, MPH, CHES -- What Are Dioxins? And What Are They Doing In My Food?
February 2002 Vesanto Melina, R.D. Vesanto Melina M.S., R.D., Neal Pinckney, Ph.D., John Westerdahl, MPH, RD, CNS -- Veggie Cooking Class
March 2001 John McDougall, M.D. John McDougall, M.D. -- Hazards of High Protein Diets
November 2001 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism
Septmber 2001 Peter Singer, Ph.D. Peter Singer, Ph.D. -- Animal Liberation; 25 Years On
July 2001 Mary Arakaki Mary Arakaki -- Vegetarian Eating by Land, Sea, and Air
August 2000 Neal Pinckney, Ph.D. Neal Pinckney, Ph.D. -- Heart Disease: Is There a Magic Bullet?
July 2000 Alyssa Moreau & Sharon DuBois Alyssa Moreau & Sharon DuBois -- Dips & Spreads
April 2000 Agatha Thrash, M.D. Agatha Thrash, M.D. -- The Cause, Prevention, & Cure of Diseases
October 1998 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- All You Ever Wanted to Know about Food
April 1997 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D., Eva Martin, Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. -- Vegan Cooking at the VLC (#6)
April 1997 Jennifer Raymond Jennifer Raymond, M.S. -- Eat for Life
May 1997 Georgie Yap, R.N. Georgie Yap, R.N., Bill Harris, Ruth Heidrich -- Fast Food at the VLC (#8) Protein
July 1997 Karl Seff, Ph.D. Karl Seff, Ph.D. -- The Garden of Eden at the VLC (#11)
February 1997 Masa YafusoHarriet Yafuso Masa and Harriet Yafuso -- Vegan Cooking at the VLC (#3)
October 1996 William Harris, M.D. William Harris, M.D. -- Nutritional Bloopers: Ours vs. Theirs, Parts I and II combined. (#11)
1996 - 2001
Potpourri of Previous Presentations -- Ed Hoover, Cathy Goeggel, Howard Lyman, Jack Li, Michael Klaper,Jennifer Raymond, Antonia Demas, Agatha Thrash, Masa and Harriet Yafuso, Doug Graham (02/09/05)
Estimated 1993 Heidrich, Allgire, Harris, Burwash"Veggie Jox" -- Heidrich, Allgire, Harris, Burwash; 

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