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Prostate and Breast Cancer: Lower your Risk!

Peter Rogers, MD

Peter Rogers, MD

Noon (Hawaii Time) Sunday June 11, 2023


Learn how cancer grows, what you can do to prevent it, theories of cancer, and how to avoid tumor promoters. Once you know what they are, estrogenic chemicals are tumor promoters that are easy to avoid.

Peter Rogers MD, also known as the Spartan Vegan, is a radiologist/neuroradiologist. He also did a fellowship at Harvard imaging guided surgery (interventional radiology).

While in his mid-30s, with the increasing responsibilities of his growing family and a heavy workload, he found his health deteriorating as his weight increased. However, inspired by the teachings of Dr. John McDougall, he learned his way to health and an ideal weight range in about 6 months through a whole food, plant- based diet.

He is the author of books about nutrition & study skills including "How to improve blood flow," and "Hot topics in nutrition," among many others. He was an outstanding student in medical school and shares his skills with others through his prolific writing. He believes most disease is caused by poor nutrition & toxins, and that major medical textbooks are 50-100 years out of date.
Please forward this announcement to anyone you think might be interested.

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