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Grow Your Garden Veganically!

Meg Kelly

How to grow your own fruits and vegetables using techniques that are entirely vegan and organic! In this talk, we'll explore veganic gardening, which uses natural plant-based fertilizers, many of which you can make yourself! So you can create a garden that's sustainable, healthy, and fully vegan!

Meg (Meghan) Kelly is an advocate for veganic gardening and farming.

In 2008 Meg co-founded the Veganic Agriculture Network to promote plant-based organic food systems, and she recently organized the first online Veganic Summit. An avid gardener, Meg has been growing food veganically for 15 years in backyards, on balconies, in community gardens, and in the countryside.

She now teaches the Learn Veganic online gardening course to empower people around the world to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home using sustainable veganic techniques. learnveganic.com

An Online Zoom presentation: Sunday, May 12, 2024, Noon

This is a free nonprofit ceducational event open to all. Mahalo for sharing info about this event with others who might be interested! Please feel free to forward this email, or to post copies of the event flier (see below) on social media, community calendars, and elsewhere:
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