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Vegan Health Information Clear and detailed information about vegan health from Jack Norris, RD

Dr. Harris - Our own Dr. Bill Harris has a site on VegSource.

Healing Heart Foundation - a comprehensive website for those who are trying to reverse or prevent coronary heart disease.

Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. - Author of "A Race for Life," "A Race for Life Cookbook," and Senior Fitness.

International Vegetarian Union - VSH is a member of IVU.

McDougall - Everything you ever wanted to know about The McDougall Program.

NutriSpeak, the Website of Vesan to Melina, Registered Dietitian, author, consultant, internationally known speaker, specializing in Vegetarian Nutrition and Foods.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Doctors and laypersons working together for compassionate and effective medical practice, research, and health promotion.

VegDining.com: Your Online Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants Around the World.

Veg Dining - HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide to Restaurants and Health Food Stores. A free world-wide guide, and much more.

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